Art Night Bristol Warren

Art Night Bristol Warren

Art Night Bristol Warren is located in Warren, RI and is a private company that presents upcoming artists with the venue to display creative arts and cultural programs. Bristol-Warren Art Night consists of businesses owners, advocates, and art-makers that congregate in one night to offer collaborative support to the local community of creative artists. Artists from all disciplines come here to express their exhibitions to the rest of the community.

Types of Exhibitions

Art Night Bristol WarrenThe event hosts many yearly exhibits and has close relationships with the community organizations for example artist talks, dance and musical performances, literary readings and theatrical monologs. The main agenda is to create an economic and cultural vitality for Bristol with affordable, open and free educational programs to advance the youth. Established on Rhode Island in 2012, the event is classified as a Bristol and currently boasts of an extensive employee base. Some of the artistry exhibitions include the RWU’s Art Studios where students have designed the 220 High Street Byfield building, 235 High Street Reynolds Bristol building. These displays are featured every September on 29th at 5:30 PM during the Bristol-Warren Art Night.

Art Night Bristol WarrenAnother important exhibit is the Bristol-Warren Art Visual Arts Studies where students present significant ceramic works. During the show, students get to display the newly developed Reynolds Clay Studio building. Visitors most enjoy the sixteen wheels multidisciplinary art hand-building with its various kilns. Some of these programs include the 491 VARTS Intermedia Studio at the Byfield building and is headed by Michael Rich who also serves as the Program’s Professor and Director. Another program is the 233 VARTS Clay Studio overseen by Professor Nermin Kura. Learners benefit from these programs and get the chance to interact with other artists at the studios. Upon graduation from the programs students are inducted into the BADG (Byfield Art and Design Group), a significant faculty at Bristol-Warren Art Night.

Visitors Invitation

Art Night Bristol WarrenThis year, Bristol-Warren Art Night invites visitors to join and be part of the annual Bristol Warren Art Night Open Gallery Event that will be held at the Bristol MAX and RE River’s Edge Office. This year’s event will feature local artistry work from Joanne Murrman and Cheryl Cavalconte. The event will be held on May 26th Thursday at 47 Bradford Street, Bristol, RI – RE/MAX River’s Edge. Cheryl Cavalconte has been an art student at the Bristol-Warren Art Night for the last three years and will get to show visitors her watercolor, acrylic, and ink works. Her works have always been imaginary and are mainly centered upon tentative utilization of materials. Joanne Murrman has also been a student for three years now, and she specializes in artistic and realistic styles in pencil and oil drawings. The event will also feature Jim’s artwork that will be displayed from the 7th of June till 3rd August. Some of the works under this category include Jim Bush’s original photography works.


Visitors should be certain to check out other open studios and galleries during the Bristol Warren Art Night. Visitors can always feel free to check out the event during Monday-Friday business hours at Bristol MAX and RE River’s Edge Office. Join MAX and RE River’s Edge Open Gallery Event at the Bristol Warren Art Night Gallery Studio Event to experience a never seen before art experience. The event will get your art racing.

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