Pros and Cons: Massage Therapists vs. Massage Chairs

massage chair

Massage therapy today has been accepted as one of the best ways to relax. It is also applied or medical purposes. Since time immemorial, massage therapy has been practiced as work of art by skilled people in different cultures. With the advancement of technology, equipment has been developed for the purpose of offering massages quickly, more effective and less time-consuming manner, inventors have developed the massage chair. Debate is rife concerning which, between therapists and the chair is better. The truth is that ultimately, both of them have their advantages and disadvantages.

massage chairAdvantages of a therapist

  1. The greatest advantage that therapists afford their clients is the human touch. It has been established that having physical contact with another human being is therapeutic. A touch signals the nervous and endocrine systems to release the hormones that are necessary for relaxation. A massage chair has no capacity to send a signal beyond the muscles it massages.
  2. The other thing is that massage chairs provide variety when serving clients. In most instances, massage chairs are designed to use only one method; vibration. When a therapist is offering the service, they use a variety of techniques suitable for different parts of the body. Vibration, for a massage therapist is only applied when there is a particularly difficult point on the client’s body.
  3. A therapist is able to observe a client and make a decision on what the client needs and then proceed to make a decision on how best to serve the client. A machine, obviously has no capacity to make any decisions. The individualized way of dealing with a client makes all the difference since some of the clients could even be injured or require special attention.

massage chairAdvantages of massage chairs

  1. Massage chairs provide precise locations of where the massage should take place. While human beings are also able to do this, they are not as capable of precision as the chairs.
  2. The other advantage of a massage chair is that it does not experience mood changes. A human therapist may be in a bad mood which would affect the quality of work required.
  3. Humans also have limited strength. Some parts of the body for particular clients may require more strength than some masseuse can provide. The case is different with a chair which has controls through which the required power of vibrations can be provided.
  4. Temperature control. Temperature is an important part of massage therapy. While massage therapists can control temperature by warming their hands, the effects are only short lived and they affect only small parts of the body at a time. The chair, however has a large surface area on the client’s body which allows the client benefit more from the warmth thereof.


Both the massage chair and massage therapists have their advantages and disadvantages. Like all machines the massage chair is able to massage more people in the same duration of time than a therapist would. The choice between the two is usually dependent on individual preferences. For some, however the massage chair cannot provide a real massage’ and only a therapist will do.

Top Exciting Weekend Activities to Do with Your Family

Top Exciting Weekend Activities to Do with Your Family

During the weekends there’s so much to do with your family. On weekends there it is crucial creating the time for friends and family fun activities. But what exactly does fun mean? Does fun mean spending the entire weekend browsing the internet? It is obviously no. Fun activities are those that enable you and your family to feel great. There are excellent choices of spending a family weekend. Besides vacationing, there are still other viable gateways that can budget exhaustive prevent traveling package holidays.

Top Exciting Weekend Activities to Do with Your FamilyBike Rides

Family weekend is all about having fun, and you can choose to head out for bike rides. During bike rides or hikes, you need to consider bicycle safety. Acquiring a good bike can one of the best methods of enjoying a family-free weekend, and it is very convincing that your family will take pleasure in biking. Biking can also be a better method of executing good personal habits.

Kite and Airplane Models

Some families enjoy playing kite and Remote Controlled airplane models. So why not head out for kite purchase. Kites or remote controlled are great fun to play. Besides being fashionable, kites are sophisticated and innovative toys. Therefore you can go out with your family for kites and other remote controlled airplane toy models.

Top Exciting Weekend Activities to Do with Your FamilyMuseums

You can also think of taking a tour to a local historical fun establishment like a newspaper or radio station. You will be surprised at the various potential benefits as you experience great fun knowing other cultures and so on. Also, you can visit a local museum. Museums have special weekly discounts and promotions; therefore, you can take advantage of a particular day’s free admissions. Inside the museum, you and your family get to experience unbelievable cultural familiarity among others.

You can also take out your family to a zoo. Zoo pass is quite affordable nowadays for an average family. You can even acquire monthly basis passes that allow you to visit the zoo any time you may like. Zoos are very entertaining as you get to watch wild game and animal feeding excursions. Go to the airport. The Airport is a fantastic place to be, and you will be surprised with the great fun. You can view aero planes landing and taking off. There’s always that childhood fun to watch gigantic planes take to the sky.

Window Shopping

You can also go window shopping. You can always take your family to the nearest mall. The majority of the shopping malls have enjoyable activities and attractive serial decorations. Going out for window shopping is not only great fun but is also a means of staying updated with the current products. Staying updated ensures cost effectiveness as you do not wish to overspend during shopping.


Also, you can choose to engage in church, school, and local game sports. If your family is interested in sporting fun, you can head out for basketball, softball, volley, soccer or tennis games. There are many sports that you can engage. Cheering your preferred sports game is fun. Start a garden.

Top Exciting Weekend Activities to Do with Your Family Gardening

You can think of planting flower or vegetable gardens with your family. Gardening is quite healthy, great fun and has other educational rewards for your kids and relatives. Your children will comprehend how to become responsible and can also save your family lots of money that are used to acquire vegetables.


Spending time with the family is a noble cause. It is also a good way of taking a break from work and having recreation. There are some activities which are not expensive. Overall, there are ample activities that you and your family can do.

3 Do It Remedies for Treating Plantar Fasciitis

Treating Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis causes considerable problems to those who suffer from it. There are many causes for Plantar Fasciitis. In some instances, it is caused by imbalance in in the hip and pelvic area. If this is the cause, it means that the problem is likely to recur since there aren’t many ways to restore balance in this area. Running when using shoes that don’t give legs an opportunity to stretch is also a cause this condition. Conventional treatment sometimes requires surgery but there are also effective home remedies some of which are listed below.

1. Take pain killers or apply ointment

While treating Plantar Fasciitis, it is difficult to treat the condition without first dealing with the immediate problem which is usually the inflammation. To get the inflation, the inflammation can be treated using conventional medicine. These drugs can still be categorized under home remedies because they are available for purchase over the counter. The drugs are available in pills and there are also ointments that can be applied on the foot if the patient doesn’t like taking pills. Ointments have the challenge that some of them rub off clothes especially socks.

Treating Plantar Fasciitis2. Use a frozen golf ball

The main home remedy that works on the condition is ice. An icepack wrapped in a towel and held positioned on the leg for a period of 20 minutes. This ice treatment can be done several times in a day. The relief is almost instantaneous but the remedy is dependent on the patient remaining stationery.

One other way of making the pain disappear is by using frozen golf balls. Once a golf ball is frozen it is then positioned under foot and then rolled over the affected part of the foot. This keeps the inflammation down and enhances the healing process.

3. Allow the foot to heal

The Plantar Fasciitis means that the affected heel has a large number of microscopic wounds. For it to heal effectively, these microscopic wounds have to heal. Getting them healed means avoiding too much movement for a period of time. This takes a long time. During this healing process, the feet should be kept up as much as possible to relieve pressure on them.

When it becomes absolutely necessary for the patient to move, they should put on shoes that are quite supportive. For shoes to be considered supportive, they need to have covered less than 250 miles. Any shoes that have served more for 250 miles should be replaced or the patient avoid using them since they would prevent the healing process. Having an arch in the innersole of the shoe helps the plantar supported and leads to healing. The support should be continued even after the foot has healed as it ensures that the disease is kept at bay.


Keeping plantar fasciitis from recurring and becoming a major problem requires an exercise regimen. This regimen involves strength workout that make it possible for the load of the body to be evenly distributed on both feet. When this is the case, plantar is finally managed. If the balance is restored, then the disease can be permanently eliminated.