Pros and Cons: Massage Therapists vs. Massage Chairs

massage chair

Massage therapy today has been accepted as one of the best ways to relax. It is also applied or medical purposes. Since time immemorial, massage therapy has been practiced as work of art by skilled people in different cultures. With the advancement of technology, equipment has been developed for the purpose of offering massages quickly, more effective and less time-consuming manner, inventors have developed the massage chair. Debate is rife concerning which, between therapists and the chair is better. The truth is that ultimately, both of them have their advantages and disadvantages.

massage chairAdvantages of a therapist

  1. The greatest advantage that therapists afford their clients is the human touch. It has been established that having physical contact with another human being is therapeutic. A touch signals the nervous and endocrine systems to release the hormones that are necessary for relaxation. A massage chair has no capacity to send a signal beyond the muscles it massages.
  2. The other thing is that massage chairs provide variety when serving clients. In most instances, massage chairs are designed to use only one method; vibration. When a therapist is offering the service, they use a variety of techniques suitable for different parts of the body. Vibration, for a massage therapist is only applied when there is a particularly difficult point on the client’s body.
  3. A therapist is able to observe a client and make a decision on what the client needs and then proceed to make a decision on how best to serve the client. A machine, obviously has no capacity to make any decisions. The individualized way of dealing with a client makes all the difference since some of the clients could even be injured or require special attention.

massage chairAdvantages of massage chairs

  1. Massage chairs provide precise locations of where the massage should take place. While human beings are also able to do this, they are not as capable of precision as the chairs.
  2. The other advantage of a massage chair is that it does not experience mood changes. A human therapist may be in a bad mood which would affect the quality of work required.
  3. Humans also have limited strength. Some parts of the body for particular clients may require more strength than some masseuse can provide. The case is different with a chair which has controls through which the required power of vibrations can be provided.
  4. Temperature control. Temperature is an important part of massage therapy. While massage therapists can control temperature by warming their hands, the effects are only short lived and they affect only small parts of the body at a time. The chair, however has a large surface area on the client’s body which allows the client benefit more from the warmth thereof.


Both the massage chair and massage therapists have their advantages and disadvantages. Like all machines the massage chair is able to massage more people in the same duration of time than a therapist would. The choice between the two is usually dependent on individual preferences. For some, however the massage chair cannot provide a real massage’ and only a therapist will do.